Hi Everyone,
I just got acceptance letter, and I will be starting the program in fall 09. Now the biggest issue is "should I move along out of state or should I take my 2 kids with me? My husband who is still in school, will be finishing his program in the month of Aug 09 and his chances of getting jobs are more in the city/state we are living right now. Therefore he thinks that I should go alone and him and kids stay here until he gets some experience in his field after school, its easier for kids (ages 6 and 9) as they can stay 1 more year in same school and I can engage more in my studies and the school. They can all move next year when my husband can get job easily or work with the agency after his 1 year experience. It looks like a good plan but it is emotionally very hard. I have never left kids more than a couple of days. I don''t know how they are going to be without me. We haven't told them yet. I would like to know if anybody has done this before (left kids and husband back home to go to school). Any kind of advice will be appreciated. I can't even celebrate my acceptance which I have been waiting for long time because I feel helpless. Thanks in advance.