Hi Everyone!

I just found out I got into both the Kaiser and USC programs for the upcoming Fall semester and now I need to decide which school to go to. I decided this would be the best way for me to get an informed decision so please help me out!

I've done my research on both schools but I was wondering if anyone who attends either one of these programs would have some insider advice. Anything you have would really help me.

I initially was really focused just on USC because... well you know it's USC! Reputation, prestige, etc.. But I really liked the faculty at Kaiser when I met them. And of course there's the fact that KP's tuition is more than half that of USC's! I live in the SoCal area so the distance to both of these schools is pretty much the same so that won't be an issue. I just need to decide soon so I can turn my deposit in.

Thanks everyone I really appreciate any insight anyone can give me!