or at least provide some reassurance! :eek5:

I'm applying to four programs this year but I really want Duke or Samford.

Background: 32 y/o
5 years in the US Marine Corps (Sgt)
4 years working in IT w/Telecom
Quit my job to go to nursing school
BSN GPA 3.8 (graduated last May)
Pre-reqs 4.0
Science/Math/Pharm 4.0
1220 GRE
I have one year of Cardio-thoraic/CVICU experience (by the time I apply- we have some sick ones here!)
I'm looking at some of these applications and it says things like professional organizations, awards etc. While I did plenty of volunteering BEFORE nursing (Hosea feed the hungry, Junior Achievement, Punt Pass and Kick, couple others), I haven't had the time to do much in the past year or really be part of any professional organizations because of working while in school and trying get rid of debt before I go back to school. Will these things really matter?

What else can I do?