Hi, I have just read the book (in less than 24 hours because it was so good), "Watchful Care: A History of America's Nurse Anesthetist." I am sure many of you have read this book and I am wondering what the current status is of CRNA's versus Anesthesiologists. It has been 20 years since this book was published!
From what I have seen they seem to work together toward great anesthesia care, but I have heard some nasty comments from both sides about the other. i have not ventured any questions to them when I have heard this because I try to stay away from negative things (for my own sanity).
My personal experience, from having surgeries and babies, is that I prefer nurses by far..I ended up with the grumpiest (nicest word I can think of) anesthesiologist ever when I was in labor with my youngest child...if only I would have known then that I could have chosen my anesthesia provider before I went into labor!
Is there still a big issue with the court systems? Is the practice of Nurse Anesthesia still threatened? Are there enough CRNA's versus Anesthesiologists? I am assuming there are more CRNA's in our country since they administer most of the anesthesia to patients. It makes me wonder why physicians opt for anesthesia. I don't want to start a nasty debate but I am very interested in what has happened in nurse anesthesia in the last 20 years.
After reading this book, I want to become a CRNA even more! It is amazing what the leaders of this profession have done for nurses!