Hi everyone,
Last week I was accepted to both Samuel Merritt University and Kaiser's School of Anesthesia. I was grateful to be accepted at either, but at both- what an honor! Now I must make a decision. (My interview at USC is tomorrow- so it might get thrown into the mix as well). This is the best community resource for getting feedback about schools first hand. I know that students both at Kaiser and SMU have wonderful things to say about the schools. so here is what I've gathered so far:

Kaiser- Closer to home (I live in SD), half the price, lots of clinical experience (rotations) with little to no competition for cases, "down to earth" faculty, lot's of driving, 24 months, Pasadena- beautiful, and rotations to the Navy Hospital in SD- great regional experience.

Samuel Merritt-In Oakland (not as pretty as Pasadena, but close to the city) can take the BART to clinical, supportive staff, seemed like the students there really bonded and were supportive of one another, great Sim Lab, also lots of clinical sites, not much competition for cases, about twice as much $, and I would have to fly home for visits. I was impressed with the "vibe" of this school, it seemed very supportive, which I know I will appreciate being far from my support systems.

So, I am torn between these two and would appreciate any feedback- you can PM me if you like, and I will respect everyone's privacy and opinions in regards to feedback.