Hey guys, I'm slated for to do a fem fem and a fem pop (2 cases) tomorrow; I'm trying to find some articles on it online and I've been surprisingly unsuccessful; Jaffe's doesn't have an entry

Anyone have tips or suggestions?

Some initial thoughts I have:
- A line; most likely have bad CAD/MI etc etc
-most likely hypertension, so careful induction to minimize pressure drop
-careful fluid management, preop assessment of EF, ECG
-type and screen, h&h, renal panel - check kidney fxn
-if its anything like carotids, at some point I'll give heparin; do they give LMWD?
-I think all our grafts are done under general, so ETT or LMA, probably an ETT
-large bore IV (14-16G)
-check LE fxn before and after

edit: google searches for fem-fem crossover graft get a bunch of really weird porn sites as the top results