What do you think is better?

Work in a moderate-large hospital
Pros: More focus on anesthesia (pharmacist to draw up drugs for you, etc.)
More variety on cases.
Better equipment.
Other anesthetists to take call
More stuff to do in the city

Cons: new MDA's always looking over your shoulder
Slightly lower pay (if you work in a saturated area)
Always dealing with changes like moving towards computer charting, etc.
Dealing with the horrible traffic


A small rural hospital
Pros: Lots of autonomy
Higher pay since you're the only guy in town
Nice life in the country (if you're into that)
Lower workload and lots of off time

Cons: You're the only guy in town (you are almost ALWAYS on call)
Very little variety
No MDA to back you up (may not bother you older guys)
Working with older equipment
Often doing work that you wouldn't normally do since there is a smaller staff.

Granted some of these pro and cons are extremes and there's middle ground, but that's no fun to discuss.

Feel free to add any more pros and cons.