This is from a blog of a young girl trying to decide where her career is headed. I cut out alot of the fluff and left the important parts.

If you read your intentions here please, reconsider Nurse Anesthesia.

I know I want to get a masters degree eventually, and I am torn between 3 options: Nurse Midwife, Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthetist. All three would be amazing careers. All of them have their pros and cons.

I'm not going to lie, money has a lot to do with it. According to (which has always been rather inflated in my experience):
Nurse Midwives make $85-100k
FNPs make $80-93k (82-102 if I specialize)
Nurse Anesthetists make $140-160k (cheif nurse anesthetists make $190!!)

If I become a nurse anesthetist (CRNA-Certified Registered Nurse Anethetist) I could work very little and make a lot of money. The prospect of working as little as possible and still making enough money is really the reason I went to college to begin with. I want to work 20 hour weeks and still drive a car that works and have a home that isn't in a state of disrepair. I could be debt free in relatively very little time. People say this is a very boring job. It's very technical, and requires a lot of math. Luckily, I've always been good at math, so I'd be using that skill. I watched a nurse anesthetist during a surgery last year. She intubated the patient, gave them anesthesia, and spent the next 4 hours watching the monitors and shopping for pants online. Someone told me yesterday that nurse anesthetists play WOW. I wouldn't mind plaing WOW for $80 an hour!! I wouldn't mind giving up 40 hour weeks. I wouldn't mind doing 80 hour weeks followed by 3 weeks of vacation.

The anesthesia thing is pretty appealing, but honestly most of it's appeal is the salary. I guess I am scared to go the CRNA route because working in the ICU will be much more difficult than working in the mother-baby unit. I have become accustomed to only working as hard as I have to to get through school and if I work in the ICU patient care becomes to critical to allow myself that luxury. I move out of the comfort zone where patients aren't "sick" or are not very sick and the likelihood of me causing them harm is very low. If I go into the ICU I can't slack and have to be on the ball 100%. I'm lazy, so this is scary.

So far my entrance essay for the CRNA program would just be "I want to be here because I don't want to work when I graduate". :P