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New clinical site. great place. lots of "non-cookbook" anesthesia going on.

I gave a lunch break to my classmate who was doing a thoracotomy. I noticed on the anesthesia record after induction that an infusion of "2g MgS04/75mg Ketamine" was hung.

I asked my classmate who said "oh, that is Dr. X's thing. All the thoracotomies receive 2grams mag plus 1mg/kg of ketamine."

The MDA pushes the ketamine into the premixed magnesium bag and opens it up after induction - prior to incision.

The surgeons are apparently RAVING about his patients. I'm not kidding here - the postop pain orders are Tylenol 650 around the clock, and PRN percocet for breakthrough pain. THAT'S IT.

The induction is standard cookbook: propofol/fentanyl/zemuron

double lumen tube, fiberoptic, blah blah blah, turn patient lateral, etc, etc, ok, are we ready to settle in??? great! 2g magnesium/ketamine 1mg/kg infusion up, and proceed with surgery.

I know this was long winded but I wanted to try to convey as much info as possible here. if you have any questions please ask and I will try to answer.

MY QUESTION IS: What is the purpose of this infusion?

I get the ketamine - potent analgesic properties is my assumption.

but the magnesium? I can't find anything. I even asked my wife (CRNA) who asked some of the cardiac anesthesiologists at her facility and they never heard of it and in fact, they said that it was a rediculous concept.

One doctor I spoke with from my old clinical site (he lives in my condo) had one thought on the magnesium (but I'll hold off on giving his thoughts for now).