Okay hello all. (sorry for the long post/rant)

The excitement is over and now I am terrified. I have been on the internet fishing around for anything SRNA that can ease my nerves. OMG what am I going to get myself into. I have to quit my job and become a student in the next 6 months (what was I thinking). My husband is very supportive. I am not going to uproot the whole family and move to Alabama just myself. (this means getting a place or living on campus). I think I might be borderline nuts(but them again anyone who loves sticking others with needles :nurse: and performing procedures on patient must be borderline something right). I know this phase will pass because this is what I wanted to do ever since I saw my first CRNA 7 years ago. I have prepared myself with 7 years of various ICU's just to get this point. ???Will I get any loans and then again I am trying to rack up some overtime but those stink OT ho's at work get it before anyone else LOL( the nurses on my unit are actually okay but there are 100 nurses on my unit trying to get 3-4 available spots and the odds are not that great). Please tell me I am not the only one at this point. The excitement is over and I am realizing I am really going to this. (dammmmmmmn I am crazy). Just please tell me I am not the only one.

Is there anyone from UAB or Alabama that can tell me if it okay to live on campus in grad dorms or should I get an Apartment of campus. What areas should I be looking in for affordable housing.

There is no way I can be the only one on this website going to UAB incoming class of 2009 you guys need to stop hiding :theyareontome:and start posting.

I love this field and I will do anything to get to my end goal but damn :aargh4: my mind is going nuts right now I am sure I will organize my head in the next few weeks and get a plan going but until then....................... :scatter: