To anyone who cares, this will be my last post. I've grown tired of listening to the endless BS on here. Not that advise from those older and wiser than I is bad, it's just that most the people I've met on here seem to be arrogant people who seem more bent on scaring people away from the profession and being negative than trying to help those interested in this great profession.

If anyone new reads this, do not listen to a lot of the people on here, CRNA is a great profession, and all of the CRNA's I've met have said nothing but great things of the profession and been more than willing to help with any question, and best of all, they did it without smart wise-cracking answers and just being negative, the used a quality called professionalism. I hope that the population in this field is nothing near the people I've had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting on here. So I'm sure there will be a few ridiculing frat boy type answers to this post, I just hope that nobody thinking of this field takes any basis from most of the posts I've seen on this board.

Best of luck to the rest of you. And thank you to the few on here who were encouraging and willing to answer my PM’s.