OK OK - I know that we're supposed to chart in black. Something to do with ability to photocopy better.

but I have recently come across a couple different things.

1) CRNA at my current clinical site uses a blue pen to chart everything. Says that in the legal arena everything that is handwritten is in blue. And that the whole "black ink only" thing is a BS hospital policy that was created by management. LOL.

2) different CRNA charts blood pressure hash marks (v) and (^) in black like rest of chart BUT she charts the heart rate dots (*) in RED. Her rationale is that it looks better and is easier to read especially when the diastolic pressures and heart rates cross over and overlap each other.

I have to admit I agree with her. it's kind of cool looking at her charts. no one says anything to her but possibly it's because she graduated anesthesia school in the 60's along with DeepZ. hehe

so what is the real story? why do they always want black ink? can you use blue ink? what do you think about those heartrate dots in red?