Hey all forum brethren. My name is Scott and I am a future CRNA. I am 23 and an RN at the Cardiac ICU at University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia, MO. I have been here a little over 7 months and applying to CRNA school this summer/fall.

I arrived at the conclusion of doing CRNA after looking at every field and narrowing the choices between physician and CRNA. When it all came down to it, CRNA was the career for me. Now that I am decided, I am very excited to get started on my journey. I am taking my GRE in March and currently enrolled in an online graduate statistics course at University of Missouri. I was chemistry major prior to switching to nursing.

I have narrowed my choices on schools down to 10. I will apply this year for the 2010 slots at Rush Univ (Chicago, ILL), University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA), University of Missouri at Kansas City (KC, MO), Barnes-Jewish Hospital (St. Louis, MO), Barry University (Miami, FL), Missouri State University (Springfield, MO), Bradley University (Peoria, ILL), Northwestern University (Evanston, ILL) (Which is a very beautiful campus by the way), University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL) and Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN). I have been doing research on CRNA schools for about two years now and have those narrowed down to my top choices.

I look forward to sharing my travels as well as hearing all of yours. I think this is a great career that is something to be extremely proud of and cannot wait to join in.

A little about myself, I am a single gentleman in Columbia, MO. I originally grew up in south Missouri by Joplin and Springfield. I am a giant St. Louis Cardinals fan as well as a Kansas City Chiefs fan. My parents and sister are all Pharmacists, so I am the black sheep in the family . I enjoy bicycling more than about anything in the world, as well as fishing, hunting and generally anything having to do with the outdoors. Last, but not least, my favorite film of all time is Disney's The Lion King (You can probably tell that from the name, ha-ha). God Bless and I am looking forward to talking to all of you.