A 75-kg man is given 25 ml of 1.5% lidocaine for axillary block. Twenty minutes alter the block; pinprick testing reveals no analgesia on the radial side of the mid-forearm, the side of the proposed incision.

Appropriate action should be to:

(A) Change to general anesthesia
(B) Inject 5 ml 1% lidocaine lateral to the biceps tendon just above the elbow crease
(C) Repeat axillary block in full dose
(D) Repeat axillary block, but add only 15 ml lidocaine
(E) Sedate patient with enough fentanyl administered slowly to prevent discomfort

SRNAs are especially encouraged to answer on this one. I'm assuming by this point, the CRNAs have this one down!:headbang:

Anyone care to share a 'run-down' about axillary blocks?? Any negative experiences?? What is your drug of choice??