First of all I would like to say that this website has not only given me invaluable info, but the knowledge to pursue my dream of becoming a CRNA. One question that I have for this forum. I have two years experience in a very busy MICU/SICU (a lot of hearts, transplants, VADS, IABP, paralytics, CRRT, swans, and gtts), a BSN, have taken the GRE, passed CCRN, shadowed a CRNA several times (for which he wrote me a recommendation), ACLS, PALS, and have the completed the other requirements (gpa, resume, goal statement) for the school of my choice.
Once I made a year of experience I picked up prn shifts at a 14 bed SICU with similar cases (hearts, VADS, IABP, swans, etc.) I attended open house for the school that I want to apply to, and have spoken with and meet in person the director of the program. The applications are due in March, and I am wondering is there anything that I can do to strengthen my chances of getting accepted into school? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.