Hey there! I've been reading the forums for a while and have followed everybody from AllNazis.

I currently work in a busy Trauma ICU that typically has multiple ortho injury, head trauma, and large belly cases. The nursing staff is actively involved in ventilator management with the attendings as well as frequent swans, pressors, fluid resus, electrolyte imbalances, dialysis, etc. And I also work PRN in busy 48 bed CVICU (combinded medical and surgical cardio).

Undergraduate I did all right except for the fact that I repeated peds. Came out with a B on the repeat. Only other course that wasn't A/B was OB and that was a C. I had A's on all of my undergrad sciences.

I have an itch to go back to school. I feel like I am wasting time not being in school. I'm NOT ready to apply for anesthesia school at this point in time. I have read where some people have gone back and taken graduate level courses to help show that they are able to handle graduate level course work and I have also read where people have gone ahead and gotten their MSN before going to anesthesia school. I've been considering doing an education/administrative focused MSN program for now to satisfy my wanting to go back to school.

My question is: do you all think that this would be beneficial for me in my situation? I have looked at some local graduate courses but nothing has really hit my interest. I figured that the MSN would take care of some graduate level courses and take care of MSN courses (should I be accepted to a MSN Anesthesia program).

What is everybody's thinking or advice in this situation. Just trying to do what I can now to make things better down the road when I do apply. I have already taken CCRN, CSC, and TNCC.

Thanks in advance!