Okay, so I applied this past year 08 to a local program and got an interview. I missed the interview because I was in the hospital with a complication from a recent surgery. I spoke with the director and asked for a rescheduled interview, it took her a few weeks but she said that the interview committee did not wish to revisit the interview process. So now I wait. In the meantime I would like any advice on things I can do to pump up my resume.
Here's my stats:
3 years in Neuro ICU
1.5 years in CVICU
CCRN , AACN member
Shadowed 2 crnas and 1 srna
ACLS, PALs - taking ACLS - EP course this month
GPA 3.4
Have taken 2/3 core masters courses and made A's am waiting on the third in the fall.

This year it came down to those who have taken Masters courses, and had their CCRN. If I did well in the interview I so wouldv'e been in. makes me want to:aargh4: O'well I have more time to pay off more bills!