:nurse: For the longest, I have scoured this site at least twice a day every day for the last 2 years..(yeah yeah addiction) woteva but d ff r true:

1. i have been a passive member for a while just posting here and there because I felt i had not yet gotten accepted into CRNA school so i kinda felt left out of the experience...but I AM IN @ OAKLAND UNIVERSITY/BEAUMONT in Michigan yeahhhhh!!
2. i loooveeee this site, the conversations and information are much more mature.
I gleaned as much information as I could, i have folders and binders up the wazoooo compiled from this site especially the financial information, the kind of laser printer to buy, the kind of school and med programs and allllllllllllll possible variations of interview questions that i have sacredly passed onto my fellow coworkers in California who are on the same path as i was...i really want to say a big

I cant wait to start school in September, I am working 6 days a week now saving my ass up blah blah blah...pulling my hair out:aargh4: and getting ready for business.....I cant wait to tell it all to yall.....
PS this site is funny as hellllll!!!!!!!!