For anyone with any advice (or if you have had a similar situation)....

I have been working as a CV-ICU nurse for apprx. 10 months (6 months at one hospital and 4 months at the hospital I am working at now--I had to move cities due to some family issues). I plan on staying at the hospital I am currently at until I go to CRNA school. Looking ahead, I am thinking about getting letters of rec for CRNA school (I am planning on applying this coming fall, which would mean if I get in, I would start school in the Fall of 2010.

Being pretty new to the unit, I am just getting to know some of my fellow colleauges. After some conversations, a couple of the RN's working on the floor (that are in the process of interviewing for CRNA school) told me that neither the nurse manager nor nurse director for the unit will give the RN's on the unit a rec for CRNA school. They told me that they both asked, and were told flat out no way because they are sick of all the RN's leaving for CRNA school.

I found this kind of upsetting, especially if you are a quality RN and are deserving of a rec. Obviously, CRNA schools would like a rec from a supervisor. I was wondering if anyone has run into this type of problem before? Any advice? Thanks so much!