Hi, guys,

Had my second interview today at Pitt. Wow. I was very impressed. The first 2 hours was a multi-person PP presentation about every aspect of their program. Literally every one of my questions was answered.

The second hour was rotating through interviewing with various people. Three groups of 2 program admin/instructors, with not more than 10-15 minutes with each. Interspersed with talking with 2 students. This part of it went so quickly that it was just briefly talking with each. Not really time to get nervous. Some good thought provoking questions. No clinical questions, except a few by one of the students.

The third part was a tour of the School of Nursing simulated OR and a tour of the nationally-known WISER simulation center. The WISER center has something like 25 sim men, including a woman in labor/delivery sim with interuterine baby. Something like 13 rooms. This takes simulator education to a totally different level. Pitt has got to be in the forefront here. http://healthjournal.upmc.com/0205/Simulation.htm

It was a very organized morning. My biggest question was regarding the competition for cases b/w SRNAs and MDA residents. It was very telling when the program director said, "This is an example of the 'competition': doing a liver transplant instead of a cardiac case." There are just so many big cases at the primary site hospitals that there is no lack of whatever you want. AND there is a 3+ month rotation at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, wherein the students get approx 100 ped. cases, if I remember correctly. AND a very 'rich' OB rotation at Magee Women's Hospital (go figure), AND UPMC has umpteen affiliated community hospitals. It sounded like the clinical rotations were just awesome.

Pitt is going to a two-entry-months system: January and August. about 25 people in each class.

And regarding notification of acceptance: They have a scoring system/grid. Any applicant who get a certain score or above is instantly accepted and is notified within a week(!!!). Choice of start months is first-come, first-served. Everyone else, I think, has to wait till all the interviewing is done and they take the top-scoring people on down till the classes are full.

One of the instructors/admins asked me if there would be any limitation on me going to any of the clinical sites. I said, honestly, that as a single mom of teenage girls, that I would not be able to do the weeks-away-at-a time, living-at-the-place clinicals. I did get the impression that the few distance sites are students' choice.

Well, I did my best. Two down, one more to go, December 20.