I've had two interviews for CRNA school over the past two days and am currently awaiting another plane flight to take me to the next interview tomorrow morning. I thought I would share my experience with those of you with pending interviews. There seems to be a pattern to the questions I have been asked.

They all want to know what I know about the profession. What does a CRNA do is a common question. Both programs have asked what I have done to prepare myself educationally for the CRNA program beyond CCRN, ACLS and PALS. They want to know what type of financial plan I have in place. I have been asked to describe a difficult patient I have taken care of recently and the drugs I was adminstering. From there I have been asked the classification of the drugs, what receptors the drug works upon, what happens at the molecular level and drug to drug interactions. I don't know the molecular aspects of the drugs nor do I know all of the drug to drug interactions by memorization. I explain that I do not know the answer and that I will be happy to look it up and get back to the interviewer later with the answer. That seems to please the program directors who I have talked with over the past two days.

I have been asked why I have decided to interview at the programs where I visited. I have been asked about my strengths and weaknesses. I have been asked how I work with difficult physicians and how I handle criticism. I have been asked why I should be selected over other candidates for the program.

All in all the interview process has not been horribly difficult. There are going to be pharmacology questions that I believe most candidates will not know the correct answer. Instead of BSing your way through it I would recommend fessing up and telling the interviewer you do not know the answer.

I have one more interview tomorow with a university in the north east. It will be a change going from 86 degrees and sunny to 16 degrees and snowy.

Good luck to all of you and let me know if any of you have any other questions about the process.