Hey guys, I am mainly a lurker on here and I love your great advice and I hate to be redundant, but I need some advice.

I took my GRE today: 640Q 430 V for a total 1070. I feel like its ok but not stellar. My GPA is 3.5 and I have worked MICU for 1 year and I now work in Surgical/Trauma ICU and will work there 1 year for a total of 2 years experience when I apply, 3ish years experience when I start (if accepted). I am studying for my CCRN and will take that in March.

Do I have a chance or should I retake my GRE? I would like to try again soon so I don't forget what I knew. I plan on applying to U Pitt, CAMC, Excela, Allegheny Valley and VCU. Do you think I stand a chance in any of those schools? Anyone go to those schools who can tell me a little bit more about them (other than what I can google) Thank you so much!