Hey Guys,

I am starting school next month and am waiting on my hospital to come up with a stipend contract. I think it will go something like this.......$1,000/month and health benefits while in school, will most likely have to be repaid w/ intererst + some years of service (2 yrs). Obviously, I have no experience with this sort of thing. How does this sound to all of you who have dealt w/ this before? I have worked at this hospital for 7 yrs and have lived in this town my entire life so I am very sure I'll be returning after school. There are no other health systems in my area without a 45 minute commute. I have no interest in commuting. I already work in the OR and have had lots of interactions w/ the CRNA's here and they are very happy with pay, working conditions, etc........so I know it is a good place to work (also they have all been very supportive and helpful regarding me going to CRNA school). I don't think it is that great of a deal since I would have to repay the amt + interest + serivce contract. I could basically get a private loan w/ no service committment. At any rate, just wanted to get some feed back. Thanks in advance for any replies.