Okay- I know there is probably a lot of worriers out there who have just been extremely excited about being accepted to CRNA school (me too), but now have realized===oh crap, I need some money! I will have one less income for up to 3 yrs--ouch! Before the financial meltdown of the country, I wasn't too worried about getting loans to pay off school. They were there. Here recently, I have been struggling to find places that are giving the type of loans that I am interested in: Here is a breakdown-


1) You'll qualify and get easily federal stafford loans (after you fill out fafsa). They are subsidized and unsubsidized. The subsidized are based on your income and carry a lower interest rate. You can get up to 20, 500 in a combination of subsidized/unsubsidized or just unsubsidized (they don't look at your income- has a higher interest rate but good).

2) Now as you may have realized 20, 500 doesn't pay for your cost of living and total (etc of what it might be). So you have the option of Grad Plus Loan. It will pay for school up to COA (Cost of Attendance).

So, here your tuition/fees/books/etc are paid, but what about those folks that are paying for mortgages that are on the higher side that are more than the COA or other bills that you won't be able to pay-- well, there is something called direct-to-consumer or direct-to-borrower loans. These were the loans that I wasn't worried about getting just only 6 months ago. Now, they are almost non-existant. These loans are based on your credit, private, and paid directly to you in a lump sum- and not certified through school (so the school doesn't know about it-and shouldn't). These will not be based on your cost of attendance. So, yes, they'll pay for your "real expenses" that most people in our position have.

So, I looked through all of the loans listed in the sticky notes on this site referenced from 2005-2007. Most are non-existant now and the ones that still exist are only certified through school so they are calculated in the cost of attendance.

I think I may have found a couple thus far. Anyone who finds more, please post! These are questions many people have.

1) Campus Door does a direct to consumer- NON CERTIFIED THROUGH SCHOOL, DEFERRABLE, PAID to student 45 days prior to enrollment. Here is the link http://www.campusdoor.com/main/loanp...?action=dlmain

2) I believe Wells Fargo is still doing there Wells Fargo Education Loan that is NOT CERTIFIED THROUGH SCHOOL, DEFERRABLE, PAID to student.

3) Chase- only in a few states

4)The Laurel Collegiate Loan

5)Monticello Student Loan is also offered through PNC. It is deferrable and is not certified through school. I think the max you can get is 40,000/yr.

Good luck to all and I hope this helps!