The more time I spend on the forum (and it is quite addictive) the more it makes me think. Nursing school is adamant about keeping within your scope of practice. I was afraid to do anything when I first got out of school because of this. As I have said before their are several on the forum who post regularly that seem quite skilled and real advocates for the profession. However, it also appears that they want even more autonomy.

Therefore, I have a few questions:

Are most CRNA's satisfied with their roles?

Should CRNA's have expanded roles?

I guess my question is for those who are in programs or nearly finished and maybe most importantly for those CRNA's who are practicing, Do you feel satisfied with the scope of your practice?

My argument is (albeit I am an infant in the process) that nurse anesthetists are stand alone professionals with no need to compare themselves or draw comparisons to anyone else. Yet, it seems that the scope should be defined and not be at the same level of an MDA. Many professions have distinctions and it would seem the door is open for anyone to attend medical school versus nurse anesthetist training.

There is a lot of discussion on other threads about MDA or AA versus CRNA. Doesn't the skill of CRNA's speak for itself? If not and I know it does, shouldn't the focus be on maximizing ability in clinical preparation instead of attempting to expand the scope in to MDA territory?

I don't necessarily want to throw daggers, I truly want to understand the mentality of all of you who are more educated on the matter than myself

It may be the case as I progress through school and a career as a nurse anesthetist that I look at things differently.

Thanks in advance for the honest answers