To borrow from a famous commercial:

Round trip ticket, Honolulu to Richmond for interview: $650

New suit/shirt/tie from Nordstrom Rack: $300

Two nights hotel on $130

Getting a phone call this morning offering me a slot in the Fall 2009 Nurse Anesthesia class: PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!


I've been a long time lurker and rare poster, and now my dream has been given the opportunity to become reality. Thanks to all of you (especially Mike!) that make this board such a great resource. The amount of information here is truly priceless. I really do appreciate it.

Also found out this morning that I will have a study buddy as a coworker of mine (a.k.a. "mytone " here) was also accepted!

I'm still in Phase one of admission terror (YES, I'M IN!!!) and I'm going to enjoy it for awhile. I'll worry about the rest a little later on when it will be time to find out all I can about loans! Until then:beerglass: CHEERS!

HawaiiRRTRN (a.k.a. Gino)