I was working last night with an anesthesiology resident. She is a CRNA who has decided to become an anesthesiologist. I haven't figured out exactly why she wanted to become an MD but that is a question for a later time.

My patient was intubated on SIMV with a rate of 12, PEEP of 5 PS of 10. Patient was ejected MVA with muliple trauma injuries. Patient was sedated with 50mcg of propofol, 2ml fentanyl drip and 2ml ativan. The patient needed an right radial a-line inserted. Prior to my shift the RT had started trying to wean the patient off of the vent with minor success.

To insert the a-line the crna/anesthesiology resident requested 10 mg vecuronium. I'll normally adminster 10 of vec, 4 of morphine and 4 of versed for a bronch but I've never seen anybody use vec for inserting an A-line.

I refused to administer the vec and was backed up by my charge nurse as we both knew it wasn't going to help the patient's respiratory efforts at all.

Here is my question to those of your currently practicing....why would you use vec to to insert an A line on a patient who is sedated, intubated and not moving around the bed?