When people ask me about anesthesia school I ask them all the same 4 questions:

1) What do you know about CRNAs?

2) Are you the type of person that (when clinical things go wrong where you work) calls the Doc to ask what to do or calls the Doc with a plan what to do? (ER or ICU).

3) Are you often the person who people come to when they need help with sick patients or have clinical questions?

4) Do you just need to understand why?

Often the 1st question is answered with something about the income and APN. Most people really dont know much about CRNAs and the independent practice that exists. When someone knows more than income im impressed already and suggest they read Watchful care.

If someone answers the second question with either confusion or that they simply call, Its a ding against them. Generally, these people dont have either the aptitude, clinical prowess or the experience yet to enter CRNA school.

If they answer #3 with yes that is a positive indicator. Anyone who becomes the default resource to their co-workers has stood out to the people who know them best as stellar.

If they answer #4 with a yes that is an indicator of a critical thinking who isnt they typical 'protocol jockey' you see out there. Anyone can put the square box in the square hole but not everyone understands why this is the right thing to do.