Hi all!

Your advice and guidance would be appreciated. I am about to graduate nursing school on Dec. 22 with my ADN and I took my final exam yesterday. My school, like many others, is on a 7 point grading scale. I had a B through the entire semester, got an 85 on the final and brought my grade down to a C. Had I made an 86 on the final I would have gotten my B. :aargh4: So, for a nine credit hour course I have a not so great grade that will surely bring down my GPA. I am making an A in a 3 credit hour course so it can help a bit but not too much. I feel completely sad that this is has happened and afraid that I have screwed myself, so to speak. I am worried that a CRNA school will look down on that especially with those who are applying, getting the A's and B's. I have also accepted a job as an ER nurse and plan on working for year while getting my BSN, then transferring over to an ICU.

Basically, is it too late to redeem myself in the eyes of a CRNA school? If I did really well in my BSN program and took other courses to boost my GPA, got on an ICU floor and worked hard at doing well on my GRE, getting my CCRN, and maybe became a preceptor down the road, would I still have a chance to make it? I am really wondering how this C will haunt me.

Thanks for any direction or glimmer of hope you all can give me!

Congrats to those who have made it in and will be starting in January!