Hello all!

I want to break it down to compare why all ya'll CRNA's decided to pursue this career and not Nurse Midwifery, NP, etc?

Could someone help me out and tell me the why and why and more why's.... =)

I love to help others, its so rewarding to go home and know you tried to help someone today. I have been bouncing back and forth in my life with Business and Medicine. I love the Medicine but done nothing with my life but opened businesses and more businesses. I'm tired of the fictictious attitude from time to time.
So I broke it down to Nursing.

Do please tell me if this is a bad idea to become a nurse...
My reason for nursing is the reward of helping someone, helping my family, helping the community. I truely love Gynecology and was thinking of Nurse Midwife, but when it comes down to the neonates born with illnesses, retardations, death even, it breaks my heart.
I know I could overcome it like everything else that I never wanted to overcome....(needles, blood, guts, mortuary, surgery...)
Why CRNA for me? I like the respect level the medical community expresses to CRNA. I like the change. I am not a person of same room, same job, same patients, same nonsense...I like to Challenge myself to the most difficult task I could handle and dont give up easily. Always have this in my head.... "SHOOOOOOOOOOOT....if they could do it, I can too!" I'm a gutsy asian chic with passion for nursing like never before....(funny thing is that I started high school way back when and made this loud statement to myself that I will NEVER be a nurse!!! I cant be bossed around to clean the nasty stuff!!!) but long behold! a profession that has Class!

Soooooo. To break it all down, I want advice as much as possible! I LOVE to learn from others since I never had anyone to guide me when I started college 10 years ago. Now I love to give out all the advice and take in all the advice i could get!
So anyone think they could help me and give me some comparative advice!!!!