I have been a nurse for 7+ years. I have worked in an open heart, neuro, and level I trauma ICU's. Been in charge, involved with education and precepting, as well as ethics committee.

My GRE score is good, I don't think it will be an issue, or my grades.

I just need to nut up, excuse me, and pick a school(s). I am tired of the crappy weather where I live(Oregon), but there is a lot of positives(friends, family, outdoor activities). OHSU is new, but seems to be a good school, but damn expensive. I really don't feel like moving to the schools in California. Not a real big fan of LA or area, and Samuel Merritt I visited and was not interested in school. FLORIDA seemed like not a bad choice due to all the CRNA options for work and school. I have never been there so I don't really know much about the state. FIU seems to be one of the better choices. I'd rather have a school that was not front-loaded, but it is not that big an issue. MSU in Arizona seems to not have a lot of access to clinicals. I really don't want to go to school and have access to cases be an issue. I know that I am going to be studying all the time, but would like to be somewhere with a little more sun. I know it's asking a lot, it's beautiful, but it rains to much.

I think a class size under 25, low attrition rate, high passing board rate, easy access to (diverse)cases, is important to me. Schools geared to science and not fluffy nursing classes. At some point (this week) I have to just pick some schools and apply. If anybody has some ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.