Hey, i've been trying to make a decision between getting a job at shands CVICU in gainesville florida vs PCMH (Pitt county, in greenville NC) MICU with possible transfer over to CVICU in a year. I am graduating with my BSN this december in florida. I am looking to get into a CRNA program in 2 years after acquiring my CCRN. So i guess my big questions are;
Would 2 years of experience in CVICU be much better than 1 year in MICU and then one in CVICU?
Does anyone have any experience with PCMH or Shands in gainesville?
Is shands a bigger name to everyone else that doesn't live in florida?

Both hospitals seem like great opportunities and have high acuity patients. Shands would be 1:1 pt ratio while PCMH would be 2:1 in both units. If anyone has any other thoughts i would greatly appreciate them, thanks