I have a question regarding work experience - is there any specific type of unit or patient population that is better for getting into a school?

I presently work at a large teaching hospital in a general surgery ICU. About half of our patients have had some kind of cancer related surgery - lots of pneumonectomies/wedge resections, esophagectomies, hepatectomies, etc. We recently picked up ENT patients and also get the occasional esophageal rupture, bowel perf, etc and we seem to be running a special lately on necrotizing pancreatitis. When I took this job we were also doing liver, panc, kidney and multi-visceral transplant patients, but they soon went to their own special transplant ICU. Now I feel like the acuity at my present unit can be fairly high, its just a bit hit or miss at times. There are several opportunities within my hospital system to either work in a neuro ICU, trauma ICU or possibly a CVICU.

Which of these units would afford me the best experience for a CRNA school app?