I just have to put this out there because it takes so much work to actually be accepted into a program. I shouldn't have let this bother me but it did. I went to a friend's house the other day and met another nurse who informed me that she was just accepted into anesthesia school (Wayne State University) but she said she is sick of school and doesn't think she is going to go. I started to ask her about it because here I am trying to head in that direction. I still have 18 months before i will actually apply. I asked her what unit she works in. She told me I do not workn in an ICU I am a home care nurse, then she goes on to tell me that she had never worked in an ICU. She tells me that her aunt is a part of the acceptance board there and that is how she got in. I asked her how she did on the GRE...she states she did not have to take it! She just kept on feeding me bull. To top it off she tells me that she hasn't taken her boards yet...Yes the NCLEX! After being totally digusted that the was going around and telling everyone that she was accepted into anesthesia school I just asked her...wow, I can't believe you got in when you aren't even registered, no GRE, and no ICU experience...If you are actually in you had better do everything in your power to stay in because it is not easy. I know its petty, I know she is full of it, but man, I took a huge paycut to work in the unit I am in to gain that experience needed, I am working so hard, do people really go around and tell stories like that to everyone. WOW