I'm just venturing into this exciting world of anesthesia (really just peering in at the present). I'm still completing the undergrad requirements for admission to nursing school with the ultimate goal of CRNA in the forefront of my mind. That being said I realize the MINIMUM requirement of critical care experience before admission to the CRNA program. I'm not the type of person that shoots to get by with the minimum but at the same time I'm trying to streamline the education process as I'm running this race later in life than some. My question is this:
What if, after receiving my RN license I work part time in icu while also completing my BSN. I understand the workload will be high through nursing school and the purpose for working part time will not so much be for monetary gain but rather to earn experience. I'm guessing all work would most likely be weekend. Will the combined part time experience (over say 2-3 years) count towards the necessary CRNA prereqs?

Thanks for any and all input!