Phew...3.5 years in the making and now I'm done, and can only sit and squirm with anticipation. Finished the interview at Rosalind Franklin today, a newer school north of Chicago for those who don't know.

Practice interviewed, studied, reread letter of intent and resume, repeated... Still felt unprepared the night before. But today I just stayed positive and focused, and didn't get a single PVC all day long!
Really the interview was not as stressful as I imagined or how some people have posted theirs to be at other sites. I don't interview well and could have easily blown it.

A couple general interview tips I feel obligated to share now that I've finally gone through the process :beerglass: :

-Visualize yourself in the room, sitting firmly and responding to the questions w/o a flinch. Do this when you're alone practicing, view it from the 3rd person and watch your mannerisms. Practice interview with friend or S/O.
- Control your breathing...slow in, slow out. you'd be amazed at what this can do.
- Eat a big breakfast if you have afternoon interviews. I wasn't interviewed until after 2:30 and there was only cookies and muffins, and w/o those I'd be one angry, scatter-brained dude in the interview room!
- Dress sharp. If you look good, you'll feel good. One girl today was wearing brown corduroys, white nike socks with Sketchers gym shoes, didn't bring a portfolio and from the looks of it didn't even have a pen. Absurd...This is most likely the most important/weighted interview for the rest of your life, do NOT take any shortcuts.
-Maintain your cool, keep eye contact, that you can handle stress and still elucidate your responses w/o physical agitation. While preparing before hand, ask yourself the hardest, most uncomfortable questions(that would reasonably be asked of you) you can think of. That C in patho? That gap in between ICU experience? Be prepared for explaining and owning any blemish on your record. What is you gut reflex/response? Refine it.
- As someone else posted, be concise. Don't offer more than you need to. I did, despite being forewarned, without even realizing it. As it was coming out it was too late to change the course, so it was all damage control after that. Luckily they did not dig deeper but they sure could have.
-If you have time still, make an appointment to meet the faculty/Directors...Two people today mentioned how they met with them prior. Looking back, I see that as a potentially huge benefit.
- Bring up all those selling points you have written down about yourself and your experience. If it wasn't on your application material, and you never speak it, they'll never know. Due to the excitement, flow of the interview, and types of questions asked of me I didn't mention a few things that I think would have been positive for me. In preparing, make sure to have a strategy (a segue/interjection/closing statement) to cover these important points if you didn't have the chance to divulge them yet. I didn't have a strategy and choked at the end, and then it would've been as awkward as a 7th grade dance to bring up.
-Be enthusiastic. 2.5 hours of downtime after the introduction/welcoming can really water down that fire under your butt. Just keep reminding yourself that you're finally here, and you've got 1 hour to make the most of it.
-Obviously know your clinical info that you're familiar with.

That's all I can think of. Good luck to everyone applying this year! I left with a great feeling about the school and experience I will receive. For anyone applying next year, take a look into this school. The Director seems to really have a genuine, unyielding interest in the training of the students there.

Now, time to research some private loans...anyone have ties to the Mob?? :eek5: