I have been fully accepted to BU, now FHCHS has told me that they are willing to accept me from the waiting list. I am trying to determine which program would be better. Someone please help me to decide. Here are the pros and cons for each:

BU: 100% boards pass rate, est. 1993, science focused, 1 wk breaks, nice friendly faculty, opportunity for extra clinical hours.
FHCHS: accepts my transfer credits (9-12), smaller classes

BU: more expensive, does not accept any transfer credits, larger class size, 2 wk stay in Miami ($1500), rumors: high attrition rate, ORMG tx students like free labor (don't know if these are true)
FHCHS: unknown boards pass rate b/c only 2nd class, new program, many classes like religion, culture (xtra info), loose $1000 that I paid to hold my spot at BU, no breaks, director was not very nice in the interview, loose the time I vested studying the chemistry, CCRN stuff for the interview and test, and the GRE that I didn't need for FHCHS (since I have a MSN). Also loose the $140 I paid for the GRE.

Please give me advice. I am going back and forth with myself.