Although I have a solid GRE, my less-than-stellar cumulative BSN GPA has me evaluating other options that may increase my odds of acceptance to CRNA school. There is an acute care NP program at a nearby university that claims to have some type of early/preferred admission option with a particular CRNA school. The program is expensive, but the admissions coordinator made it sound like the ACNP education would be a helpful, although roundabout means, to a career in anesthesia. Also, they will accept BSN students with no clinical experience...meaning it would be possible for me to finish BSN in May 09 and start the ACNP program in August the same year with no experience. I feel like that would just set me up to be an idiot when I graduate. She reassured me that if "bridge" students can do it, certainly those with BSN backgrounds could even with no prior experience. Of course I know that experience is always better, but the fact that I could go ahead and finish that in a year is certainly tempting, especially if it would make me a more apealing anesthesia candidate. I guess I'm having a hard time balancing my eagerness to be completely done with school and choosing the career path that will most effectively prepare me to pursue anesthesia. I'm not trying to shortcut the system, just curious if anyone else had or even considered both degrees. Also, would being bilingual carry any weight regarding CRNA admissions? Any opinions appreciated.