Quick question. I have an interview for a CRNA school this month and was wondering if/ how to disclose this information to them.

I was recently approached at my job by a representative for Edward's Lifescience to become a local Rep/consultant. He informed me today it is final that I am accepted to fly to California for training. My duty to them would then entail going to various hospitals that already have purchased and use their product (Vigileo), and provide inservices to the RN staff, most likely ER and ICU and not OR. I could do this as little or as much as I want, and I figured it might be good for income during school, doing an occasional one or two per month.
The product essentially is to monitor continuous ScVO2 and CO without a swan. Something that is apparently becoming the standard of practice at some of the pioneer institutions.

Would this look good at the interview if I told them this? Chances are I'd be seeing some of those hospitals I inserviced again when I start clinicals. Any conflict of interest here?

I feel it would be good to bring up at the interview to show my genuine enthusiasm for ICU/ anesthesia and physiologic concepts, you know, exploring outside the ICU for knowledge. Obviously I'd make clear that school would come first and if need be I'd quit the job in a heartbeat.

What do you guys feel is the best way to approach this?