ok, so this might be a little lengthy, but bear with me.
first, what are your thoughts on an ideal inspiratory flow rate? i had a preceptor once tell me to go all the way up (draeger fabius = 75-80 L/min), as this is the "ideal" setting for perfusion/diffusion. i have found that many people don't 'play' with this setting, and i find it on 30-ish most of the time.

now, with that, i will lead into a question asked yesterday. i was using PCV on a rather large lady in a prone case, and was asked why (and why not VCV). so i explained the reasoning r/t peak pressures, obesity, positioning, etc... he was cool with it and would have done the same thing. ok, on a roll, right?

what's the diffusion gradient between VCV and PCV?
(students preferably first)