Hello, I start anesthesia school in January. I am prior Army reserves as enlisted before I went to nursing school. That was in early 90's. Now I am almost 38yo. I just found out that I was denied for Grad Plus loans. I don't know if it is the state of the economy or my credit score just wasn't high enough or what. Anyway, I have not secured a sponsor for school. My first semester is pretty pricie...to the tune of $16,000 just for tuition, computer, pda, books, lab coat, etc. Stafford loans only come to a little over $10,000. I am a single mom and have to live! My sister is an officer in the AF but it is not an option for me to go full time. I need a reserve program. I don't think the AF is offering a reserve stipend, scholarship, but the Army maybe...any insights? I would appreciate any help in the matter. Thanks