I've been quite the lurker, and have greatly appreciated all the information you guys have provided as I apply to school. I've got one more thing to do before applying... the freakin' essay.

I was wondering, what your opinion is on different writing styles- particularly humor. Is it okay to throw some funniness/some element of humor into it or do the CRNA teachers/admissions people have the same stick up their butt that all my undergrad professors did?

I write well, so that's not an issue. I could spout of two pages of politically correct bullsh** about what they might want to hear in a completely serious, somber tone--- but, I feel like if they meet me in an interview, they're seriously going to wonder who on earth wrote my essay.

My father seems to think that humor is not appropriate and the PC BS is the way to go- but he's a surgeon- and really, what do surgeons know??...

So just wondering what you guys think? A bit of humor okay? Can I be myself, while still being professional?

Sure hope my dad's wrong- as we're saying goodbye on the phone, I get the "you know I'm always right" line-- typical surgeon..... grrrr!!!!

Sorry this is long, thanks in advance!

Or is this not an issue because they don't really care about the essays??