Every time I log on and see the heading "So you wanna be a CRNA"

I am thinking "Hell yes I do" I am so down with anesthesia. Hook me up with a program I am ready, eager, determined. I have the fire burnin' in my belly to do this.

My current state of affairs, 2 years in a busy SICU with lots of sick patients, but I am bored out of my mind. I want to be challenged. For my first two years I really put the CRNA thing out of my mind then one day while at work my motivation kicked in and I signed up to take the GRE. Now I am applying to several schools and working on the application process. I feel like I have hit a plateau in my current position and of course I still learn new things but I am ready to kick it up to the next level.

Anyone else identify with what I am saying here!!! Any advice to help me cope with this period as I wait for ad-coms to contact me. :nurse: