I did really bad on my GRE yesterday and am very upset. That test really sucks!! I am not good at all at taking standarized tests!! Any advice, it has got me down a lot. I have an interview coming up in October at Akron, but I am really nervous about going. My GRE scores were awful!!! Think I should attend the inteview???? Looking for some good advice,do not want to make a fool out of my self. Anyone else had interview with horrible scores??? I think I am going to take a review course and of course retake the test but still want to know what my chances are of getting in anywhere??? How much are they going to really look at the scores???? I have very good grades in sciences and have good work experience and am very involved in a lot of different things at the hospital. Looking for any advice!!! Think that schools will still interview with or without scores??? Maybe possibly put me on some kind of temporary admittance if they like me and see what my GRE score turns out to be the second time around???