At my institution, when we go to the floors to do stat intubations Etomidate is normally used. Obviously there are times when it is not used or other drugs are used instead. A while back we responded to a call at about 3am for intubation. Arrived to Neuro ICU where patient was somewhat out of it--admitted for frequent seizure activity, but nothing to violent. I'll skip all the boring details but my question is: I was told not to use Etomidate as it can cause seizure activity. I've looked in several texts and on the internet and I can not find anything that states that a history of seizure activity is a contraindication for etomidate (propofol is better to stop an active seizure but the patient was not currently having a seizure). Etomidate can cause myoclonus but this is not a true seizure. Would you use Etomidate if they have a history of seizures? and does it actually cause seizure activity or just myoclonus?