I am a SRNA and have read a few things about the job market in the future and was wondering what everyone else’s take was? Some people say it will be saturated soon and others say that there are a lot of people retiring, the healthcare community is growing, and there seems to be an increase in medical need as the population continues to grow and age. I won't be graduating until 12/2010 but am curious what you think the market will be like at that point and over the next thirty years. I would be a CRNA for what I made as an RN if I had to but I would at least like to get my student loans paid off first. I will more than likely, if not to difficult to find work(I think unlikely), work in a more rural area after graduation and was thinking of how the market will change between now and then as far as pay and need of such service.
Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks, Thompson