Hi I hope this is not a dumb question but I have a question about recommendations. I'm in the process of submitting applications for the CRNA programs for 2009. So far I have 3 schools in mind that I want to apply to. These 3 schools each have their own forms for letters of reference/recommendation letters. I wanted to ask a few of my nurse managers to write these recommendations. But I'm confused as to how they should write it. Do I bring my managers these 3 separate reference forms and have them fill out all of them individually? Or should I just have them write on their own letterhead a general letter explaining all my qualifications, how well they know me, etc. and just photocopy that letter 3 times to send to the different schools. I don't want it to be a hassle for them to write 3 separate letters. And in the event I wanted to apply to more schools, then I would have to go back to them with another form from that specific school. I guess my main concern is do the schools expect you and require you to use the reference forms they give you included in the application packet?