Hi all, currently, I'm in PICU (new grad) and while I'm enjoying taking care of the kids, it seems as if PICU will be the same diagnoses over and over and over again, and I honestly think that eventually I will get bored with the same thing. So, there is the burn unit, that is closer to my house, and they also accept kids, but only as floor patients right now, but I was told that soon they will start taking ICU kids, so that would still give me some experience with kiddos as well. I will already have had PALS, and the burn unit (which is mixed with ICU, step-down, and floor beds) requires ACLS, TNCC, ABLS, and ATLS within two years of working there. When the census is low, they also take trauma patients and overflow from other ICUs.

Anyway, do you all think that working in a burn center would be good ICU experience for admissions into a nurse anesthesia program? I was thinking that burn patients would probably have a lot of pulmonary issues.

Thanks in advance