Hello everyone! I've been very busy this past year trying to make myself as competitive as possible. Here's where I stand:

I've been a nurse 6 years (Over 3 yrs ER, remainder various ICU's- over the past year I have commuted >250 miles to get experience in a reputable, very busy level one SICU).

GPA ~ 3.2 overall (nursing GPA 3.8)

Recently took a couple of grad level courses (adv patho, pharmacology) and did very well to show I can handle it.


I've been communicating with/shadowing a CRNA.

Currently preparing for GRE :Flush: ......This is my last hurdle standing in the way of applying and I'm scared because my practice scores suck ~800! I've been studying off & on for a year without seeing improvement in my quant scores....:laufband:
I'm going to take it early October and I'm praying for at least 1000.

Anyhow, I plan on applying to TCU, TWU, UNF and OLOL for fall 2009. Am I competitive and what more can I do?

Opinions/Advice are welcome!