Just wanted to tell someone that would understand! I shadowed last week at my first choice school's clinical site. I shadowed with a student and her CRNA. We/they did 3 ortho cases - first a sedation/MAC case for an ankle hardware removal, then 2 general anesthesia case for a hip orif and then a tibia rod replacement? (Forgive me, obviously I'm not very familiar with ortho!) The last 2 cases I saw were CABG's so it was definitely a change of pace. I really liked interacting with the patients in pre-op - assessing them, starting an IV, easing their concerns about the anesthesia (well I wasn't the one doing this, but you get the idea.)

I've shadowed at a few other hospitals and I've never felt as comfortable or welcome as I have here. They treated me just like I was one of them. It just was a great experience and I'm so appreciative of CRNA's and SRNA's like yourselves that take the time to help out CRNA wannabe's like me!